The leaders of a national Medicare Advantage health insurance company wanted to improve customer service levels and reduce operating expenses by streamlining processes and more tightly integrating existing information systems with business operations. The goal was to design and implement a solution to achieve a $17 million expense reduction within an 18-month time period.


Advanta’s team assessed the current state of the Operations Division and developed a strategy and tactical plan for achieving the stated goals:

  • Collected input from the Division’s key customers regarding service levels
  • Identified, analyzed, and synthesized key operational, organizational and financial requirements to be met by the Division
  • Compared the Division’s key performance metrics with benchmark data and industry experience.
  • Facilitated a “future state” session to define the vision over time, in terms of key processes, performance metric targets, and organizational structure. Established performance targets for selected metrics.
  • Identified tactical business projects required to accomplish the vision and meet performance targets
  • Prepared an initial project charter and level of effort plan (staff, expenses, and time) for each project
  • Developed a two-year tactical roadmap reflecting the proposed sequencing, timing, and dependencies of the change efforts, as well as the non-roadmap projects being implemented in the organization


The final deliverable included a strategy and sequenced tactical project plan with a preliminary budget and work plan designed to reduce operating expenses, increase regulatory compliance, and improve customer service levels.