The leaders of a 15-site community health center organization, affiliated with an academic medical center, had decided to integrate their clinical systems to improve the quality and cost-effectiveness of patient care. Existing plans were site specific and didn’t integrate with the other community health centers or their partner organizations. The network required the development of a community-based plan for sharing patient medical information that leveraged the capabilities of each member as well as provide a direction for the future.


Interviewed the leaders of each health center, including key physician leaders, selected executives of the community health center organization’s partners, and management staff of each health center’s Information Technology (IT) Department
Developed an understanding of the business and IT strategies of each health center as well as the overall organization
Identified and prepared the strategic plan for the group of community health centers


The result was a community-based plan that linked and leveraged the individual business goals of each center with the overall direction of the organization and its community partnership. The plan provided specific guidance in terms of how and when each community center should focus their development of information systems and technologies.