A teaching hospital in a major East Coast city had been an early adapter of electronic health records, but wanted to improve their system to further advance their position in the marketplace. The Chief Information Officer (CIO) needed an information systems strategic plan. The CIO wanted an objective review of current progress with a focus on how to continue the advancement of systems and technologies.


  • Advanta provided the client with an experienced healthcare consultant with more than 5 years of teaching hospital experience as an Associate CIO with clinical applications responsibility:
  • Reviewed all existing artifacts, including the stage of implementation and adoption level of various systems and technologies, describing the Information Technology (IT) Department
  • Interviewed key executives of the hospital, physician leaders, and the management staff of the IT Department to confirm their perception of the “current state” and identify future needs
  • Conducted an industry survey of information systems and technology trends within the healthcare provider sector
  • Conducted a gap analysis of existing and desired capabilities (“current state” versus “future state”)
  • Developed linkage between the hospital’s business strategy and the IT Department
  • Developed a strategic direction and prepared a plan for the organization to achieve the desired future state
  • Developed a 3-year tactical plan of individual projects to achieve the “future state.” The plan included an estimated level of effort to complete each project and an integrated roadmap depicting timing and dependencies.


The CIO had an IT strategic direction aligned with the overall organization’s business direction and a 3-year tactical plan for moving toward this direction.